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What is Clomid?

Clomid is a prescription medication for treating infertility in women, particularly those with a history of ovulatory dysfunction. The main component of the drug is clomiphene citrate which is classified as a synthetic ovulatory stimulator. By taking the drug, women can increase their chances of ovulating normally. This effect is achieved by blocking the estrogen receptors in the brain. As the result, the brain “believes” that body has low estrogen levels and attempts to fix the deficiency by stimulating the release of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), which are hormones pivotal for ovulation, by the pituitary gland.

OB-GYNs and other doctors typically prescribe Clomid before they refer the patient to a specialized fertility clinic. Clomid has been reported to work in patients suffering from ovulatory dysfunction caused by amenorrhea-galactorrhea syndrome, psychogenic amenorrhea, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). However, the drug does not seem to produce favorable outcomes in the patients who suffer from early menopause, primary ovarian insufficiency or have anovulation due to reduced BMI. Male infertility cannot be treated with the help of this drug since it is intended exclusively for women. If men take this drug, they risk getting gynecomastia. Similarly, their chances of developing testicular tumors will also increase if they take Clomid.

Sanofi Aventis US is the pharmaceutical company manufacturing Clomid. Clomid tablets are round and off-white in color. Each tablet contains 50 mg of clomiphene citrate along with various inactive ingredients, such as corn starch, magnesium stearate, sugars like lactose/sucrose, etc. Clomid should be taken over the course of 5 days, with one tablet taken every 24 hours. However, your doctor may adjust the final dosage based on your condition, age, weight, etc. Clomid should only be used for a maximum of six cycles as overusing the drug may cause Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). This condition may lead to such serious complications as pleural effusion, difficulty breathing, and ovarian enlargement.

Clomid Side Effects

Like every other drug, Clomid has been reported to cause a number of adverse reactions. There is a 10% chance that a patient will get a headache or experience hot flashes after taking the drug. Furthermore, there are other additional side effects that can be experienced although the risk of suffering from these does not exceed 6%. Some of these less common side effects include:

  • vomiting,
  • weight gain,
  • bleeding from the uterus,
  • pelvic pain,
  • stomach ache,
  • psychosis,
  • vision problems.

Clomid users are also reported to have higher chances of having multiple pregnancies. For instance, there is a 7% possibility of getting pregnant with twins. Similarly, for triplets or higher-order pregnancies, the chances can go up as high as 0.5%.

Allergy to Clomid is very rare. However, if you experience swelling of the face, throat, and/or tongue, have difficulty breathing or swallowing or notice hives or a skin rash after taking this drug, seek medical assistance immediately.

Where Can I Buy Clomid?

You can buy Clomid online, or go to a physical pharmacy. The best option is to buy the drug after getting a prescription from your doctor to ensure that the treatment is actually necessary in your case. Note that not all websites offering Clomid online sell the original drug – users report purchasing counterfeit products as well as expired medications on the Internet. It’s important to shop in reliable online drugstores only. Our pharmacy proudly offers you authentic Clomid – obtained directly from a licensed manufacturer and available at a very affordable price.