Pharmacist Shelley Mitchell, DPh

Shelley Mitchell is a highly qualified Pharmacist with a Doctor of Newberry Pharmacy in Marlow, Oklahoma. Before completing her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1996, she studied biology with a minor in chemistry in the University of Oklahoma. Shelley provides high-quality pharmacological treatment and specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

She is married to Jerry Mitchell and together they have two sons, Colt and Ryder. Shelley is a loving mother who actively supports her sons' activities and interests. She indulges in her interests and finds satisfaction in making delectable dishes during her leisure time by reading and baking.

Shelley enjoys expressing her support and being active in the lives of her nieces and nephews by going to their athletic activities. She is fundamentally who she is because of her close ties to her family and commitment to them.

With an NPI number of 1023588290, Shelley Mitchell is registered as an individual practitioner. Her primary taxonomy code is 183500000X, which designates her as a Pharmacist. She holds a valid license with number 11949 in the state of Oklahoma.

Shelley Mitchell has amassed valuable experience and made significant contributions through her work at Newberry Pharmacy in Marlow, Oklahoma. As a pharmacist, she has provided neighborhood patients with full pharmaceutical services.

Shelley has improved her patients' health at Newberry Pharmacy (NEWBERRY EXPRESS PHARMACY NPI 1568682524 Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies in Marlow, OK) by using her skills in hormone replacement therapy and other pharmacy practices. She has expertise in distributing drugs, educating patients on the correct use and adverse effects, and working with healthcare experts to improve patient care.

Shelley's considerable expertise and dedication to remaining current in pharmacy have helped ensure the safe and successful administration of drugs. She knows medication interactions, doses, and therapy options, so she can make educated judgments and provide each patient with tailored care.

Newberry Pharmacy has given Shelley a wide variety of experiences, allowing her to manage pharmaceutical difficulties with ability and professionalism. Her excellent work ethic and attention to patient care have made her a trusted and respected healthcare practitioner in the community.

Shelley Mitchell continues to improve her patient's health and well-being at Newberry Pharmacy by maintaining the pharmacy profession's ideals and aiming for excellence.

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