Debbie Wortham, LPN, Staff Nurse

Debbie Wortham, LPN, is an experienced and compassionate Staff Nurse at Newberry Express Pharmacy in Marlow, Oklahoma. With her extensive knowledge and skills, she plays a crucial role in providing essential healthcare services to the community.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Debbie leads an active and fulfilling personal life. She resides in Rush Springs, Oklahoma, where she lovingly tends to her flock of chickens, doves, and her beloved dog, Lexie. Debbie places a high value on her family, cherishing her three children, Matt, Chad, and Molly, as well as her adoring grandkids. She often attends Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, which demonstrates her dedication to her religion.

Debbie completed her high school education at Bishop Dunne High School in Dallas, Texas, and then spent two years at the University of Texas in Arlington. In 2003, she obtained her LPN degree from Cameron/RRTC, further solidifying her expertise in the field of nursing.

Outside of her professional and familial responsibilities, Debbie indulges in her hobbies, such as gardening, where she nurtures and cultivates natural beauty. Additionally, she is an active member of the Marlow/Duncan Patio Club, where she can connect with like-minded individuals who share her interests.

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, Debbie Wortham contributes her skills and compassion to the healthcare services provided at Newberry Pharmacy. With an NPI number of 1710576384, she is registered as an LPN at Newberry Express Pharmacy, specializing in Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies. Her dedication to her patients and her commitment to maintaining excellence in her practice are reflected in her primary taxonomy code of 164W00000X. Debbie holds a valid license with number L0050111 in the state of Oklahoma, ensuring that she meets the necessary professional requirements.

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